Schindler’s List Review

This film is nothing short of a masterpiece. The lengthy cinema time is necessary to ensure the pacing maintains a somber, drawn out tension as we see the terrible struggle between Oskar Schindler and the collective forces of sadistic brutality that encompasses the SchutzStaffel and their death squads.

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Liam Neeson’s measured performance maps out a convincing trajectory for one Oskar Schindler, as he comes to terms with his ability to save real lives during the course of the war.

The black and white, somewhat jarring at first, helps to delineate a major theme in this story, the fight between good and evil…or perhaps it is more nuanced then even that…the fight between men who respects other human beings as people, and those who consider human beings to be property, or even worse…garbage?

Ralph Fiennes in his pre-Voldemort appearance carries his role with extraordinary magnetism, delicately balancing a Nazi playing at Teutonic knight with the chilling sadist casually sniping at Jewish prisoners in the morning

Whatever the case might be, Spielberg excels in portraying a documentary-esque realism to the manner in which human beings are systematically murdered and brutalized in this film, or even the way in which their deaths are often the product of nothing more than a malicious whimsy. The parallels between whether death is the product of a meticulously crafted ideology of hatred against a certain race, or else merely the product of bored men with far too much power is not belabored for long, it is the consequences of those instruments which is the true focus of the film and the broken families and homes is truly a sight to behold.

There is a cosmic absurdity to many of the events which occur during the film, reinforcing the strength of its documentary facade; it feels more like a sequence of happenings rather than an overarching plot

Schindler’s List is a monumental movie, but it does not warrant the word ‘epic’ with its length so much as visual epitaph, cataloguing the extraordinary suffering endured by a long hard done by race, and the inspiring courage demonstrated by a single individual wrestling against what the Jewish philosopher Hannah Arendt so astutely labelled, ‘the banality of evil.’ Schindler’s List might document that banality, but it is anything but: this rightly deserves its place in cinematic history.


A glimpse into the bold dark

Humans are brutal, violent controlling robots, and with that fact in your arsenal you are truly free. You are freed because you no longer belabour under the illusions offered to you by other men. You no longer succumb to the drugs of love and war with such ease. You are confident of the illusory nature of this Universe and it is up to you to either embrace the reality presented or else refute its veracity.


Those of us who seek to understand are truly the mad ones, we are mad because of our curiosity which might unpick the foundations of our entire existence with one hapless tugging of our existential crux, upon which our society, our laws, our very social structures are so precariously perched.


Us ‘civil’ men, how civil might I ask you are we? We who have seized women, and obliterated their wills for the sake of our own sexual lust? Us who glorify the practice of war and tell young men that to murder is right, and that when they come back they will be counted amidst our heroes, and when they are returned, bloodied and bruised, no one cares anymore. We convince them that they will be heroes, and we treat them worse than scum.


You might think this a nihilist’s requiem, something to summarily consume prior to our self-appointed immolation, that poisoned pill before the embrasure of soaring constitutional disintegration. Perhaps that is the difference between you and a man such as I, who straddles the line between ‘not quite a man’ but ‘nor quite a psychopath’ but trapped in the vagaries of middling nebulousness in between. For you see, once we have affirmed our faith in science, and the conclusions it produces, then you have truly taken the leap of faith of any true scientist, of any true observer(us monstrous beings!) and maintained your sanity in the face of madness itself. That is as laudable an outcome as any that can be expected from us mortal vessels.


Once you step into our terrain, then you can still love the loves you crave.  You might still engage in a few bar brawls here and there. You might even allow yourself to be lost in the reverie of notes and music of a club, but you will be struck by glimpses, glimpses of what reality truly is, and it might terrify you, or else embolden you in your ventures, the security of this lush illusion we all practise and smile boldly at. In the utmost knowledge of this reality, you will either seclude yourself, shutter up your doors and batten down the hatches, withdrawing onto yourself until you wither away in self-reflection, or else you will be hurled further into your most furious of passions, assured that they are the last raft we have when buffeted by the cosmic forces of tremendous vastness that presents itself, an ever growing Universe which shrinks our own significance. The consuming pleasure of sensations can provide ample refuge against such a prospect, or else, perhaps understanding makes us more confident that if we choose to pursue a passion, it is not because we are being manipulated into its pursuit, but rather because it is a pursuit we have elected, acutely aware of its immense sway over our sub-conscious state. Through understanding, we consciously elect to our sub-conscious desires, though I suppose some might label this a calculated surrender.


I tell you this, if us humans understood truly what we were, for the information is all there, but if we garnered the fortitude with which to confront its tumultuous implications, then what might we be? We might be rid of the fear that pushes us to our war, to our ceaseless conflict, for conflict arises from a fear of others as Hobbes says, and our need for resources. Law is the tenuous adhesive that operates only as long as there is a sneaking confidence in the illusion of compromise, of mutual interest. Fear always returns though, as long as there is not understanding, for fear is the least complex and most reliable of evolutionary mechanisms in the preservation of a man. Not the preservation of scientific knowledge, or else the people we love, or else art or anything which civil society might consider worthy of maintenance. No, fear is the greatest guarantor, the ultimate defender of that genetic material we all convey which nature has deemed our great legacy to history. Our deeds might be remembered by men, but it is our faces, our hair, our noses which are remembered by nature, for our genes are the greatest storytellers in all of existence.  Humans are spurred on by self-interest, that’s as age-old a fact as anything else. No, but it is understanding which allows us to master our fears, truly master our innate terrors, and grants us the freedom to confront the immensity of monstrous reality, for we know what it is we are confronted with, and in that, we are granted the choice in how to grapple with it as opposed to being tossed and turned by presumptions, irrational fears and guesses.

Democrats and Hillary Clinton are burning American democracy to the ground on their way to the exit: A closer look at the election aftermath

‘Texas is in play’

Before the election, Rachel Maddow, TV host for MSNBC made a bold statement. ‘Texas’, she declared proudly and ‘Georgia’, are all in play. The message was this, all the Republican strongholds were bound to be lost to Hillary Clinton’s unbeatable winning streak.  Trump was making an even bolder claim; the election, he proclaimed, would be rigged. Enter Hillary and team to the rescue to defend the great institution of American democracy. The Democrats flooded en masse to hammer out the party line that American democracy was infallible, rightly so, and constantly assured Trump that if he lost, it would be because he lost of his own accord. No one was swaying the voters, nevermind the endless stream of negative coverage by a media unwilling to give Trump even an inkling of a chance. Lamentably, the laudable efforts of the Democrats shows how some of us can only afford to be generous when we’re winning, not when we’ve lost. The Democrats were principled, consistent fighters safeguarding against the electoral result no matter how badly Trump lost…that is, until Hillary lost badly.

 I’m sorry I didn’t win the election, my dog ate all my supporters’ ballot papers

The peculiar character flaw of Hillary Clinton and her team which had constantly dogged her favorability ratings even to Democrat voters in the Democrat stongholds up North became ever more prominent once the race was well and truly over… her ability to deflect any and all blame which might somehow stain taint them, and an unwillingness to concede any faults in her own character. These deflections encompassed a whole astonishing range of excuses, but gradually the media and Democrats have slipped into a comfortable safe space of the ‘big two’, Russian hacking and Comey’s letter. When looking back though, you realize, this election was never an issue of policy, heck, policy was barely anything more than a vague afterthought. This was an election of personality and voter emotion, and when it came to personalities, Hillary Clinton was never a winning personality no matter how much the Democrats wanted to believe so. Presidencies aren’t inherited contrary to the Democrats’ belief, they are earned by sweat, tears and hard work.

Let’s review a few of these excuses, shall we? Russian hacking is a big one, and I’ll give the Democrats credit. Cyber security is definitely a national security issue. So it’s funny that one of the issues the Democrats downplayed extensively, the issue of Hillary’s private server for national state secrets, is very indicative of a personality who is reckless at best with valuable cyber information or just plain incompetent at worst when it comes to issues of national security. In spite of this, it’s not as though Trump himself didn’t suffer his share of cyber-attacks, with his own generous tax breaks being leaked to the media  The Comey letter is a favorite amongst the Democrat faithful, a last minute opening of an investigation into Hillary’s server which she claims tipped the balance in favor of Trump. The funny thing is, at the time, the media reported that this had actually worked in favor of Hillary, boosting the so-called ‘victim effect’ in which voters sympathize with someone they considered to be unfairly hounded If you were voting for Hillary because she was a woman, then most likely you’d also vote for her even harder if she was being attacked by a Republican-FBI joint plot as well!

Never mind that like many of the scandals of the Democrats, it also had its roots in some sexual offence committed by yet another Democrat politician, none other than the aptly named Anthony Wiener spamming dick pics to minors. Most of these actions were not smears or lies against Democrat candidates, they were liabilities created by their own actions, just as Trump’s own loose manner with women previously was rightly a liability for him. There was scarcely a news station out there which wasn’t broadcasting the infamous video of Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ from 2005, a video which was 11 years old. Having your dirty laundry aired out for the public to judge and criticize isn’t undermining democracy, that IS democracy, a transparent process in which we judge whether the actual personalities presented are people we want in charge of a major chunk of our everyday lives.

Why are we still not listening to the voters?

The crowning insult of all of this is that despite the trouncing Trump gave Hillary up in her ‘invincible’ Rust Belt, the Democrats still haven’t learned the lesson. Hillary and co. haven’t even bothered to ask these people why they voted the way they did. Even now, all these ideas of Russian hacking, Comey’s letter, Bernie Sanders, or whatever comes tomorrow are nice little ideas to help you sleep at night, but they don’t help decent hard-working everyday Americans. CNN’s racist in chief, Val ‘whitelash’ Jones briefly entertained the idea that voters decided the election, not Russia, visitng a few Trump supporters from Ohio, parading around these one time Democrats less like people and more like zoo animals for his show but even this was jettisoned as soon as excuses began to be passed from Democrat voter to Democrat voter like a box of Kleenex tissues between teenage girls after watching the Notebook.

Democratic wins are just as informative as democratic losses, and the Democrats(one of many misnomers now), are seeking to erode the entire constitutional order based on a single electoral loss, an absurdity befitting the equally absurd 2016. Democrats might not have had people at polls rubbing out votes and putting in little crosses but there was an inconceivable convergence of interests at work here wildly in favor of Hillary Clinton. Republican Bushes threw their full support behind Hillary, the entire news media gave adoring segments dedicated to her life as a fighter of women’s rights and all the meanwhile Hillary paraded as many celebrities as she could fit onto her stages from singers, to Hollywood actors, to famous rappers. Multi-millionaire movie celebrities unironically insisted how Hillary and them could sympathize fully with the plight of the working class, and how they would pack their bags and move to Canada if they didn’t like the political result. If only it were so easy for low income families to pack their bags and move to whatever country takes their fancy!

American democracy is only working if my team wins

There was a lot of talk about how Trump would cause untold chaos in defeat.  Endless recounts.  Throwing the entire system of the electoral college into disrepute by claiming it wasn’t representative of America, and staging mass rallies to protest American democracy. What has become astonishingly clear after Hillary’s loss though is it wasn’t Trump we had to worry about, it was Hillary. It was Hillary who used Jill Stein as a proxy to issue recounts and falsely claim the poll machines were hacked in Wisconsin(they weren’t of course, as Hillary herself insisted pre-election). It was Hillary and the Democrats who tried to pretend the electoral college system which has worked for 200 years was suddenly defunct, broken and in need of dire change, preferably one which would make Hillary President. Pollsters and the media who had initially shown some consternation at their part in the mass misdirection that pointed to Hillary’s unquestionable victory changed tack once again at their master’s voice, and began shifting the blame from their own misunderstanding  of core voting constituencies to rogue agencies, foreign actors and even somehow Bernie Sanders. If anything, this whole episode may be ripe pickings for future psychologists who want to analyze group delusions when presented with a reality that conflicts with their own imagined one. Change is tiring and takes a lot of energy, keeping the status quo is a heck of a lot easier for many people, no matter how busted it is.

Final thoughts

The meltdown of Hillary Clinton and her minions might be funny in a macabre sort of way, as they pull a full 180 from defending the system to launching a full on shameless assault on everything from its credibility to the judgment of the Founding Fathers themselves,  but it has dangerous and unprecedented consequences for the everyday American people just looking to have a government who finally invests in infrastruture and their jobs like promised.

This article isn’t about whether or not Trump will be a good President. It’s about preserving the faith people have in the democratic system. The credibility of politicians is spent, Trump is ample proof of that, so now it is up to politicians of all political stripes to come together at the very least and preserve the only thing still holding the now unintentionally ironic United States of America together, the democratic system.

Tomorrow, we will see if the Democrats and a few diehard establishment Republicans unite in Hillary Clinton’s final  act of vengeance, using the electoral college to spark an uprising by unelected electors to deny Trump the Presidency, and essentially, once and for all truly rig the election against Trump. The Democrats and many of their most fanatical insiders have steadily encouraged this anti-democratic practice, unswayed by the potentially nuclear fallout that could cause accepted democratic conventions in America to collapse overnight.

Democracy isn’t about always getting your way in an election, it’s about competition and innovation. Trump is different if anything, and what frightens the Democrats the most isn’t that he could destroy America, but rather more so, that their own electoral base has abandoned them in a major way for reasons they still aren’t even attempting to understand but which Trump pinpointed in a way almost no one else except Michael Moore did. This is truly dangerous for a democracy, it turns democracy from a tool for the people to exert control over their governments and representatives into a technocracy in which elections are not used for change, but rather, as a rubber stamp for an entrenched out-of-touch bureacracy. Let us hope that tomorrow, the hope for change out-trumps the terror at having to adapt to a brave new and in many ways, already changed world.

Is’t it strange…

…how Chinese and Indian immigrants in the US never commit any violent crimes? Is there some kind of reason for this, because obviously it’s not like China and India don’t have crimes in their mainland. Is it because of some kind of Eastern philosophy which means they do not engage in crimes?

Skyrim mod reviews-‘It Beats for Her’

It Beats for Her-Veliremus


Skyrim modss

The gentle village life masks a sinister secret.


This is a very short story, but exceptionally elegant and refined in its brevity. This mod lasts no more than 15 minutes, and uses very few in game assets, relying alot on notes, well placed props, and heavy use of atmosphere, it is a nuanced ballad of love and horror juxtaposed against one another, as you hunt down the ‘monster’ residing within Falkreath. What could pass as a generic, in-game quest to hunt down a monster turns out to employ an excellent psychological dimension as well, with a paucity of ‘quest markers’ leaving the quest feeling organic and natural, and the emotions which ensue to be just as raw as the tale itself.


This quest is exceptionally unintrusive, and proves to show how a great quest doesn’t need elaborate scripting or multiple dungeons to be engaging, just an intelligent coordination of notes and atmosphere. Definitely download this one, 9/10.

Heisenberg was responsible for the death of over 167 people…

…if you think about it carefully. 


The sheer insanity of Heisenberg was that he killed few people directly, instead, causing scores of casualties by either ordering people to be murdered or endangering others with his reckless actions


We know that Heisenberg was most destructive when he was acting in a reckless manner rather than merely an evil manner. In this sense, his reckless desire to keep his money sees one of his most beloved murdered, not by his orders, but still, indirectly through his actions. It is then in this light that we realise…was Heisenberg responsible for the death of all the people on board Wayfarer 515 in Season 2? 



Watching someone die you can help is obviously a dick move…but does it make you RESPONSIBLE for the consequences?


 Heisenberg lets Jane die. It’s obvious that he can do something to help, anything in fact such as calling the paramedics to TRY and resuscitate her, even moving her into a better position…but he doesn’t, and that makes him indirectly responsible for her death. A person who wishes for some dictator on the other side of the world to die and then he gets killed by a mortar shell is not responsible for the death. He might enjoy the news,but he has not contributed in any way. In contrast, the person who sees a child drowning in a  shallow pond and refuses to help him, instead bending over and watching the child drown IS responsible, not merely because it is the ‘right thing’ to do(it could be a mass murderer, but that doesn’t eliminate our potential to prevent the death, and the omission is in a sense an ACTIVE form of conduct), but because he has actively withdrawn a very simple lifeline. 


 So, having established he DID in fact contribute to her death, poor Jane’s father is beyond distraught, and in his grief, neglects himself to fulfil his duties allow a plane to navigate safely, resulting in the deaths of 167 people in a fatal collision between the two airlines. Heisenberg could never have known that Jane’s father was in air control, heck, how could he even have really caused the destruction of the airline? It is because Heisenberg was RESPONSIBLE, for Jane’s death. IF NOT for Jane’s death, then Jane’s father would never  have been so distracted by grief. If a person goes on a  shooting spree having witnessed their family member die, is the murderer not in a way responsible for that psychological state? Breaking Bad is a show about reckless choices and disastrous consequences and this was one reckless(if not a calculated malicious choice) with the worst consequence possible.


Therefore, Heisenberg is responsible for not 1 murder, not 11 prison slayings, not even merely the death of a great friend, but the deaths of 167 people.  



That’s right, this guy is responsible for 167 deaths.

The Loch Ness Monster photos

I for one think the idea of the Loch Ness Monster would be awesome. In a world where the entire planet appears to have been colonized by the forces of globalization, wouldn’t the idea of some wholly free, remnant of mystery our ancestors enjoyed be a breath of fresh air?


Lamentably, the latest piece of ‘evidence’ multiple respected newspapers have picked up on as affirming the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is false, and merely a boat’s wake with the boat having been ‘ghosted’ out, a story you can find out more about here=>

One comment user, DaveWood111  created a terribly brutal but realistic demonstration of this ‘ghosting’ out, and how the wake of a boat aligns perfectly with the supposed ‘flippers’ of the monster, the actual space where the boat should be thus turns into a supposedly flat head for the fantastical beast.



Many apologies to all those lovers of mythical beasts, maybe a year down the line, this will emerge as nothing more than a promotion stunt for the upcoming Godzilla movie, where it is rumored Godzilla does battle with a flying Loch Ness monster thing.

Afghanistan take 2

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to end well! No repeat of Afghanistan whatsoever, what with the overthrow of the dictator followed by the massive civil war between different factions and then the rise of an even bloodier dictator. Why on Earth does the US think it’s a good idea to bomb the heck out of Middle Eastern nations, and create legions of fighters who vow to take down American imperialism, and then when they see a short term opportunity to get rid of a cruel tyrant they dislike, arm those very same people with state of the art weapons and training? It’s like US foreign policy is based on the idea of creating as many heavily armed people as possible who are pissed off at the US in order to justify the existence of staggering military expenditure…