Fate binds us all

Think of a great bowl. It has many grooves, many layers, many ways down into the great hole below. There are many paths down into the chasm.


Fate is as binding on mortality as gravity is on matter. We are all bound to Fate, Kings and Wanderers, all of us must fall into its pervasive reach.


‘Why must this be, do I not have reason? Can I not reason myself away from an inevitable conclusion? Can I not say, ‘No! This never shall be, for I will it not!’


No, you mistake the limits of the Will. A man can will worlds into creation, but he cannot countervail against the Will of the Universe that is he cannot struggle against Fate.


Our World does not repeat itself identically, but it does repeat itself in rhythm, existence rhymes with itself in its cyclical stages of being. Within a single strand of a Universe, history repeats itself in its people, in its stars, in its physics, in its worlds…but then it will grow cold, and tired, and destroy itself. All of you will be destroyed by the sheer pressure of this faltering reality.


Yet it will reconstruct itself, and when it does, the laws of physics will be similar, but not the same. The stars will have the same glow, but a different color. We as people will have similar actions but different names.


Accept Fate and you will find peace, yes, the man who embraces his Fate might even find solace in his destruction.






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