On symbols and their importance in the New Age of Millennials.

‘…for it was not only that symbols communicate meanings which the developing age of teenagers absorb on the sub-conscious level, that it is something which speaks to them in silence, but also that symbols themselves operate in the visual level, and can be reinforced by the new, innovative technologies produced for the modern age.


Indeed, symbols themselves can bring about different outcomes, instances and consequences. Not solely by virtue of their appeal to others, but in on themselves, as wells of power.


It is the duty of each individual in this race we call humanity to actively equip themselves with the tools of symbols, the understand their history and their future, and to maintan the ability to guard against symbols.


…for symbols are bandied around with only a means to control them rather than a point of reverence. Symbols are the contours of nature’s majesty refracted through the prism of human imagination, and they have been debased by those who understand them not.


Look to the heavens on a starlit eve to interpret our message! Search the clouds and you will see what They cannot see…we are the observors, and we are here to save you from Their Pride!’





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