Industrial Dance

I will literally reblog everything from Deus Ex.


The Loch Ness Monster photos

I for one think the idea of the Loch Ness Monster would be awesome. In a world where the entire planet appears to have been colonized by the forces of globalization, wouldn’t the idea of some wholly free, remnant of mystery our ancestors enjoyed be a breath of fresh air?


Lamentably, the latest piece of ‘evidence’ multiple respected newspapers have picked up on as affirming the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is false, and merely a boat’s wake with the boat having been ‘ghosted’ out, a story you can find out more about here=>

One comment user, DaveWood111  created a terribly brutal but realistic demonstration of this ‘ghosting’ out, and how the wake of a boat aligns perfectly with the supposed ‘flippers’ of the monster, the actual space where the boat should be thus turns into a supposedly flat head for the fantastical beast.



Many apologies to all those lovers of mythical beasts, maybe a year down the line, this will emerge as nothing more than a promotion stunt for the upcoming Godzilla movie, where it is rumored Godzilla does battle with a flying Loch Ness monster thing.

Afghanistan take 2

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to end well! No repeat of Afghanistan whatsoever, what with the overthrow of the dictator followed by the massive civil war between different factions and then the rise of an even bloodier dictator. Why on Earth does the US think it’s a good idea to bomb the heck out of Middle Eastern nations, and create legions of fighters who vow to take down American imperialism, and then when they see a short term opportunity to get rid of a cruel tyrant they dislike, arm those very same people with state of the art weapons and training? It’s like US foreign policy is based on the idea of creating as many heavily armed people as possible who are pissed off at the US in order to justify the existence of staggering military expenditure…



April Fools Day is on its way…

…which means a 24 hour period of paranoia and unparalleled fear stoked by the media and Twitter. ‘Did you know a meteor is going to strike Earth today…April Fools!’, or ‘Did you realise a law has just been passed in this state allowing for you to smoke weed as long as you have a police officer supervising you?’ No matter what, all information on this day automatically beomes disinformation simply by the fact that France’s equivalent of a medieval ‘Jackass’ thought it would be funny to stick fishes on people’s backs.