Definition of ‘Apocalytes’

Apocalytes: Cultists who believe either that the end of the world is just around the corner or else attempt to bring about the end of the world themselves to trigger specific events related to the endtimes.


The recent rise of apocalytes has been alarming with many reports and surveys indicating belief in ‘apocalypism’ is steadily gaining ground amidst significant sections of the populace.


Apocalytes traditionally do not place much emphasis on the value of this world, and welcome dissolution or else the destruction of contemporary society as it stands in order to connect to a ‘higher plane of reality’ or existence. Of course, whilst every era has had its fair share of apocalytes, the capacity to bring about the actual ‘end of the world’ has been commensurately deficient. It is only in the modern times when the tools belonging to the race of multicellular organisms known as ‘humans’ [sic Anglicized] has advanced to an unprecedented degree, and the ability of specific individuals to inflict destruction on closely clustered civilian populations has trebled as previous military grade technologies and secrets have filtered into the public sphere.


Modern day apocalytes have arisen in several spiritual conglomerations and faith groups, with most strands tracing their lineage back to the series of desert religions inspired by Knosstic teachings that this world is a shadow of a truer reality and that humanity can access their inner connection to this divine state of existence through different rituals, forms of meditation and even medicinal herbs.


Whilst the recent rise is worrying, even more troubling is the prominence of apocalytes in positions of authority and power in several key positions globally and on a local level. One expert on societal psychology, Professor Francis Malleum, summarized the problem in he following way,

‘What we have is the inherent contradiction of mankind in its increased intellectual capacity; the need to both survive on a physical level, but also to plug into some higher force or entity in which he also derives meaning and spiritual satisfaction. This doesn’t necessarily need to be as grandiose as the archetypal monk locking himself in a retreat somewhere or a hermit-wise man on top of a mountain.

It could be as mundane as the working man committing himself to the wellbeing of his family, or the street-corner thug who works his way into a local gang or the office worker who devotes himself to the company. The need to be embedded into some greater cause is embedded in the need for every individual to inflate their own sense of purpose into something worthy of preservation, but also somethng which can ethically justify the lengths to which a man will go so far as to dispatch adversaries threatening ‘his tribe’ or even his willingness to offer his own destruction as the price worth paying for the preservation of some greater idea, some grander sense of himself that will survive him.


This is both a troubling and awesome feature of the developed human psyche and accompanying imagination, for what we’re really seeing now is people able to not just identify themselves as a physical entity but also to disidentify themselves, in the sense that they can assign common notions of ‘self-interest’ beyond their own self existing. However, far from the spiritual liberation which he founders of conventional Knosstic doctrine must have imagined so long ago, modern incarnations of Knosstic denials of reality, both secular and faith-based, have led only to a bitter resentment at the state of reality, unimaginable acts of terror and devastation commited in the name of ‘a better world’ and above all else, the rise of individuals willing to set the world on fire when they feel they can no longer change it.


These feelings of helplessness have multiplied in a world which has become more connected, but in which power also feels as if it is becoming more remote and out of reach of the everyday man. It’s a shame too, because we’ve built so many technologies which could do so much good for humanity, and you’re stuck between the smart people who want to use technology to just micro-manage the lives of other people, and the ignorant people who want to use technology to just blow shit up.’

Does charity make you good, or a worse human being?

Charity. It seems like in the modern day, charity is the obligation or duty of the hyper-connected, the ultra-wealthy, a sort of tax to be paid for the sake of being accepted into the social fold. The galas, the balls, all the wealthy celebrating each other with the most decadent of foods, wines, champagne, music etc. etc. etc. These ‘Charity Balls’ are complex theatres of farce, in which the very impoverished men, women and children who they are supposed to be helping will never even experience once if ever. It is akin to throwing a magnificent birthday party brimming with exciting guests and forgetting to invite the birthday boy.

Yet charity is on everybody’s lips. There is not a single man who I do not know or who my friends do not know who has not embarked on these great expeditions of ‘charity’. Charity here, charity there, charity apparently everywhere! Yet I wonder, how is it that charity, being so prominent as it is has done dear little to put a dent in the suffering and plight which seems to stalk this world.



Harvey Weinstein-The poster boy of charity

Therefore, charity is in fact the greatest abomination to afflict our planet, because it has destroyed the incentive for men to truly be ‘good’ or ‘moral’. Charity is the great indulgence paid to our own consciences in exchange for vice, the toll paid for us to succumb to our utmost depravities.

Just look at the most ‘charitable’ men in the world! These men are often convicted of rape, sexual exploitation of 17 year old girls, and even forcing women in disaster zones into prostitution. How is it these men justify these things to themselves, ‘It is fine for whilst we strike them down with the hand of vice, we also bring them upright with the hand of charity’…yea indeed, bring them up so that they might be struck down again!


Peter Newell- A charity coordinator jailed for indecent assaults committed against 12 year old children…goes on to represent the need to end the suffering of children

There is no psychosis, these are not madmen, they are perfectly rational, because they live in a world which has hailed charity givers as incapable of wrong-doing, and in fact should be excused from wrongdoing they have actually committed!

Even worse, the gaping machinery of charity has done the very thing it claims to oppose, it has turned real individuals into nothing more than statistics, checkboxes to be ticked off in the grand quest for increased donations and charity revenue. Actual people are no longer considered people, but merely objects of desire for charity workers, either as a way in which they can masturbate their egos into thinking they themselves are good people, or else converting disaster relief victims into dirt-cheap prostitutes.

I, Kohath, son of those ancient wandering sons of Israel, I have seen how vile charity truly is! It fools men into thinking they are good people, divine even! Charity leads men into the greatest of sins, pride, and therefore, through their pride, it leads them into the most deplorable of acts.

Remember you are a man! Remember you are mortal! Remember your devotion to God and the forces of divinity! Remember, remember!