I wish I was free but instead I am a Jonah

I am a Jonah, for how desperately do I want to be free to see this world, to revel in the beauty, for even a book has beauty to it, though it be a work of fiction, the mind can contain unparalleled beauties but instead, our race has bred a panoply of horrors.


I ran for as long as I could, from the truth, I sought refuge in the everyday comforts of life, and the beauty of the sky, and the soft whistling of the breeze. I am surprised that no one else on this planet is contented with such things, and that I am a part of the minority of fools who takes pleasure in existence as it is.


I am Jonah, for I ran from the Word of the Lord, I ran from truth, for I yearned not to be special, nor to be noticed. Indeed, my specialty throughout my life has always been my abiltiy to not attract attention. I ran, because I was one of those rare people who did not want to be ruler of the world, or an enlightened god…I just wanted to be me.


But I am Jonah, and no matter how hard I run, my duty pursues me. Fate intervenes, as always. So here I am, not because I want to be, or even because I believe I am the best person to say these things, but because I am the only man in all the world who believes in honesty.


I am not a good man. I am not a bad man. I am just an honest man, and I am Prometheus, giving onto humanity, all of humanity, the art of fire. You will not become god with my fire, you will chase the dark creatures out of their dark places, those ones who serve the light in the dark.


I am here to proclaim that they have irritated the true rulers of this world, and the worlds beyond, that their attempts to be gods over man has turned them into devils over a private hell.


I am Jonah, and I came to preach onto a people I knew not, they were foreigners to me. Perhaps it will all be in vain anyway.


Maybe one day, once I have finished proclaiming the message of Fate, I will be allowed back onto that island which I knew, my home. Perhaps one day I will return, and watch the world pass me by.



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