Soon I shall lay down my pen and surrender to normality

It was not the forces of obfuscation which had finally whittled me down, but the sheer volume of research I had personally conducted which convinced me of the impossibility of my task.


For even in a world where the impossible can be coaxed into probability, I do not retain the strength of my ancestors in channeling such powers.


I am just a man, and even recalling my youth, I remember all the instances in which Fate had ordained my Pride too great, and in which Nemesis exacts her tribute. Nemesis…I remember your name well from my youth well! You always stood there opposite me, even when I rose…rose high as I could!


My relationship with Fate has always been a strange one, and if there is anything I have at the very least been convinced of by this journey, it is that Fate not only exists, its presence is palpable and readily felt in the real world.

Fate exists, and it is impossible to halt it.


Yet so too does duty, and though who tend to their duties will find their load lessened ever so slightly. The battle continues, forever really, and is waged across many times in existence, this quest for understanding, for the Golden Age.


I wish I could have delivered this world of peace, I wish my deliberations had been heard by more, and that they would have had a greater impact, but alas, tis not so. Just like every age, we sleepwalk into the next dream, only to wake to the terrors.



For me though, my own focus has shifted, as well as my desires. I no longer desire to scream to the desert wind anymore.


My journey is now to search for That which was lost to me. An artifact I once possessed long ago, so long ago, oh how I wish it were found again!


It is an ancient artifact, which belongs to the Lord of Minerals and Riches, and it is a great wealth indeed, this item. I do not wield many more resources than everyday men, and certainly much fewer resources than the institutions and nations which dominate this age. However, the only advantage I possess is that this item is considered a myth to everyday men, but I have faith in its existence, and moreover its powers to shield its wearer from harm.


This helm will allow a man to sit atop the summit of the world, in the land of the high places and study this Universe in true peace, far far away from the troubles of mankind.


Mankind had carved out for himself the role of ‘observor’ of men and women, but this is a pale imitation of my ancestors, and their duties.

It was the claim of my ancestors to be an ‘observor’ of the Universe, and with this artifact, I hope I will be able to finally unlock the true secrets of this world and all the worlds that intersect it.


I renounce my title of Kohath, but not the legacy I inherit.



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