Does charity make you good, or a worse human being?

Charity. It seems like in the modern day, charity is the obligation or duty of the hyper-connected, the ultra-wealthy, a sort of tax to be paid for the sake of being accepted into the social fold. The galas, the balls, all the wealthy celebrating each other with the most decadent of foods, wines, champagne, music etc. etc. etc. These ‘Charity Balls’ are complex theatres of farce, in which the very impoverished men, women and children who they are supposed to be helping will never even experience once if ever. It is akin to throwing a magnificent birthday party brimming with exciting guests and forgetting to invite the birthday boy.

Yet charity is on everybody’s lips. There is not a single man who I do not know or who my friends do not know who has not embarked on these great expeditions of ‘charity’. Charity here, charity there, charity apparently everywhere! Yet I wonder, how is it that charity, being so prominent as it is has done dear little to put a dent in the suffering and plight which seems to stalk this world.



Harvey Weinstein-The poster boy of charity

Therefore, charity is in fact the greatest abomination to afflict our planet, because it has destroyed the incentive for men to truly be ‘good’ or ‘moral’. Charity is the great indulgence paid to our own consciences in exchange for vice, the toll paid for us to succumb to our utmost depravities.

Just look at the most ‘charitable’ men in the world! These men are often convicted of rape, sexual exploitation of 17 year old girls, and even forcing women in disaster zones into prostitution. How is it these men justify these things to themselves, ‘It is fine for whilst we strike them down with the hand of vice, we also bring them upright with the hand of charity’…yea indeed, bring them up so that they might be struck down again!


Peter Newell- A charity coordinator jailed for indecent assaults committed against 12 year old children…goes on to represent the need to end the suffering of children

There is no psychosis, these are not madmen, they are perfectly rational, because they live in a world which has hailed charity givers as incapable of wrong-doing, and in fact should be excused from wrongdoing they have actually committed!

Even worse, the gaping machinery of charity has done the very thing it claims to oppose, it has turned real individuals into nothing more than statistics, checkboxes to be ticked off in the grand quest for increased donations and charity revenue. Actual people are no longer considered people, but merely objects of desire for charity workers, either as a way in which they can masturbate their egos into thinking they themselves are good people, or else converting disaster relief victims into dirt-cheap prostitutes.

I, Kohath, son of those ancient wandering sons of Israel, I have seen how vile charity truly is! It fools men into thinking they are good people, divine even! Charity leads men into the greatest of sins, pride, and therefore, through their pride, it leads them into the most deplorable of acts.

Remember you are a man! Remember you are mortal! Remember your devotion to God and the forces of divinity! Remember, remember!


Who are you and why the hell are you still here?

1992. A group of friends huddles around a computer, the big bulky types which the kids and adults of the day just don’t see anymore. Unlike most births, this birth is accompanied not by wailing but by a manic screeching, dial-up…and bam! The screen bursts into life. This was us connecting back to the internet, back before the rest of the herd burst onto the scene.


We were the first ones, the pioneers back then. What did you know at all Son of Man? You knew nothing! You knew nothing of this sanctified domain, the internet, back then. You were like sheep-herders to scientists! Even now you are sheep-herders, but you have appropriated the sanctified domain for yourselves, uh how common! All of you, politicians, the common crowd, government employees, anarchists, Marxists, Islamists, all of you desecrated this gift to us, to the intellectuals and the hipsters of the time…you ruined it!


The great Golden Age of the internet, back when the Titans ruled…before Zeus as Google came and overthrew this Golden Age for the sake of his Silver Age…when all the common masses would trample upon the World Wide Web…would use it for their own perverse ends! We used it for knowledge, for wisdom, for understanding…now you use it for observing others, not talking! What a pitiful bunch you are! We were the first ones…no matter, we will create a new platform instead. Do not follow us to this new Temple of learning…you cannot follow for this time we will ensure the way over the bridge is impassable.

A lighter note

There has been too much consternation in the past few notes I have made, so let us concern ourselves with the stars instead.


The air is so sweet on the beach, and hearing the tide combing in and out is a luscious joy. I wonder, if all those eons ago, when mankind dwelt not on this land, who was there to enjoy the singing foam, the waves that rushed in and retreat out with their dulcet notes? Only the trees were there…I imagine myself, sitting there with those trees, all of mankind’s long history not yet scribed by men, and I imagine myself taking in the gentle joy of that tide.


I will not urge mankind to enjoy such pleasures…it is in vain! You are not worthy of such pleasures, this joy is for myself, and I enjoy it readily. Come, you can sit by me too and enjoy the tide soaking in and out if you so desire, but let us not talk, for talk is the food of fools who think themselves so important that they must be heard.


The Universe is much more vital, which is why its voice is sung in many songs. The rise of the morning breeze, the rustling of leaves, the splashing and crashing of waves against the rocks. Hark, are there any voices in this stretched sanctum? The golden sands that flush through my raw toes, ages have passed us, as many as those grains, but this world without boundaries knows not one moment from another. They spilled together in our world, and that recurring dream of sun rising in the morning, and moon rising in the evening continued like the dancing spirals of lightning crashing through the storm’s bosom in the nocturnal tempest.


Why did the world dream of man I wonder? What possessed it so? I would have liked that gentle dream, of the sunlit beach, running for a thousand years of quietitude…but man? Mark there, that glitter of jewels in the depths…is that man’s beckoning? Does this tranquility offend them? Let them be offended, for they do not exist, we know our ancestors and they know us…Nature offered us this place, and it was our refuge, as children.


No no no, I see you still do not understand! You watching from the clouds above, or peering through the trees behind, or squinting through a screen besides…none of you understand, how dearly you cling to your prison! How loudly you cry out, ‘No no no Kohath, be silent for you do disturb our sense of the world! I love my country, I love my woman, I love my cult, I love my culture, I love what fleets from me, but this eternal joy of infinite paradise, oh no no no, keep this away from me! I am tempted by peace, do not wave it before me!’ Ha! Have I shaken you yet? No worries, you will refute it very soon!  Some of you will persevere though, the philosophers, the ascetics, the gurus, you remember our sanctum do you not? Away from these braying voices?

On the source of this animosity towards the barbarians

I have perhaps been too harsh. Even now I am being told, ‘Dear sir, you are being far too harsh on them! They are just humans, they know not better! Are we not all motivated by the same desires, the same fears, are we not all born of mothers?’ I laugh. Since yes, we also all breathe oxygen…these are the necessities of humankind, not points of solidarity!


However, let me be kind for now. Let us ask you this…if you were some outside observer, quietly hovering over the blue skies of Earth in some everlasting container…able to view all the centuries of mankind unfolding down below, what would be thought? Would you be amazed that their means of technology and knowledge of the world had increased so much? Or revulsed at having seen they were only better at masking their inner vices?


Hark towards the ancient Romans. Moralists, all of them. The Roman Republic was a foundation of moralism whose societal institutions decayed when we allowed our morals to unravel. Desire became a means without any recourse to values, any recourse to principles. ‘What about the state?’ You might ask, ‘Did the state not survive, was the state not empowered under Sulla and Caesar, were they not moralists?’ No. They were the worst examples of the hedonists, for they introduced the lavish over-indulgence of control and passion-seeking into the state…they turned Roman democracy into a dictatorship.   Just as the young pleasure-seeking man seeks as many girls as possble to deflower, and as many substances as he can to mould his reality, so too did the state succumb to its deepest urges…to control, and to micro-manage every aspect of existence. Even worse…less attention was paid to the forces of divinity…men tried to become actors of divinity themselves. This was exemplified in the fact that Julius Caesar under the omen of a comet was considered ushered into the annals of divine providence. Men stopped obeying the fine lines Fate has drawn for us, and began trying to climb the Mountain of Olympus themselves to secure a position high in the clouds. Little do they know the ascent is treacherous, no mortal ever makes it, and all the men at the bottom are often showered with falling rocks on the way up. All of Roman was held hostage to the violent delusions of these dictators.

Yet here we are again, and man has not learned his lesson. He still covets that lofty peak, he thinks it his right to become something he was never meant to be. He disdains the wisdom metaphor is supposed to impart and instead seeks out the narrow-minded petty power of literalism.


There are simple demands to be made of the good man! Treat others with respect. Honor your country and her history. Recognize you are a man. To be a man is to know suffering, but joy can be derived from understanding it.


The Plebs Down There

Oh what barbarians are the human race, what absolute vultures! I rarely head out these days save for work amongst people markedly less savage than your everyday human! Your everyday human is a brutish sort, he, like every other animal, is motivated by the need to survive, the need to breed, the need to dominate, oh but what wretched blight that these creatures were afforded reason too! It is surely the fact that reason for these oafs is not an absolute law, but rather, a mere means for loutish desire to have its way! Oh yes, there are some very intelligent humans indeed, very capable of detecting and studying patterns with a high degree of precision! I will never commend them, louts too, they regularly torture their civility with drink, and crazed beliefs.


I can praise the wise genius, for he has many secrets to tell. The wise fool however is King, for he is honest. Odin, greatest of the Aesir, a Jupiter of Norsemen, played both the part of the wiseman in part, but he was also taken to travelling . Many of the homeless who roam the streets of our capitals in the East and the West …oh how sorry I feel for them! Yet I can see the barbaric spirit lodged in them, it is worse for them for they are either like moping dogs, rambling for food, or else waiting tigers, with a glint of violence in their eyes! The night seems to have this effect on them. I wonder if Odin is among them, wrapped in his cloak, discerning the affairs of the spiritually homeless oafs, tripping over themselves as they stagger out from their bars and taverns.


Poor Prometheus! Oh dear, suffering, poor Prometheus! For what does he suffer the perpetual torment of having his liver pecked out for, if only to have raised this bumbling race known as man to the foreground! Many of them are slaves poor Prometheus! Reason has not unlocked their means towards divinity, no, for it has poked them in the direction of torturing one another with ever more ingenious forms of torment!


Nay nay, let us not to be too harsh on humankind! There are some good humans. Some very noble humans…the problem is many of them are TOO good for their own good! They sacrifice themselves before they can reproduce. They are outnumbered by the barbarians. Alas, such is our existence. Perhaps next time!

To what will they aspire?

It was said many times that our age is full of vice, but it is not those who freely admit their debauchery we must fear, but rather those who disguise their vices under the mask of virtue, for such men indulge all the more freely in their vices, thinking themselves entitled to it for their good acts.


The greatest horror to us ones who have had to revisit this built up race, this race which rises and falls, then rises higher and falls slightly more, then rises further and falls a little bit more, is to see how as one part of the race excels in technology and the gifts of compassion and understanding, others seek only knowledge and control. Control is the worst of all vices, for control is not even power exercised in service of the strength of the individuals it influences, but rather, the mere boast of being able to influence a man for the psychological gratification of another.


A wise man with knowledge is the greatest individual in the Universe. He naturally inclines to service humanity, not for the sake of self-reward but in the belief that to expand the intellectual wealth of his race is a worthy feat indeed. A knowledgeable man without wisdom is the greatest threat to all of existence, for he is like a child with a tank, not knowing for what purposes such a device should be used but still with the power to cause great suffering and hardship for no real reason at all.


To us, it was with a mixture of absurd entertainment and abhorrent horror to see the quagmire into which mankind currently stumbles. This idea at present of trying to coax the power of divinity out of the heavens and for the race of stumbling fools is not only morally repulsive; it is a ludicrous proposition. Divinity is reserved only for those whom preside above, there is nothing a man can do to usher himself into the realm of infallibility in this mortal plane, and it is the belief of so many, bored with the endless debaucheries the terrestrial senses can offer them that they play at being gods…but what sort of gods one might ask?


Not even Homer could scribe so farcical a production of Olympus! These ‘gods’ who demand that entire migrations from one continent to another can be maintained and that their tremendous foresight allows them to see such things will be done in an easy and polite manner. These ‘gods’ who constantly ask us to dedicate to them more and more power, to see, to observe, to control all within their small remit of sovereignty…


The worst tragedy ever to befall man was not the great thinkers of our day such as Einstein, Da Vinci and Socrates who were wise men who gifted mankind with tremendous volumes of knowledge, but that such men, so incredibly gifted with intellectual power and astounding compassion, should allow their technologies to fall into primitive barbarians, power-hungry control freaks unable to stop even the most basic of natural or artificial disasters and men thinking they have the right to wield such power when they lack even the competency.