Is’t it strange…

…how Chinese and Indian immigrants in the US never commit any violent crimes? Is there some kind of reason for this, because obviously it’s not like China and India don’t have crimes in their mainland. Is it because of some kind of Eastern philosophy which means they do not engage in crimes?

Skyrim mod reviews-‘It Beats for Her’

It Beats for Her-Veliremus


Skyrim modss

The gentle village life masks a sinister secret.


This is a very short story, but exceptionally elegant and refined in its brevity. This mod lasts no more than 15 minutes, and uses very few in game assets, relying alot on notes, well placed props, and heavy use of atmosphere, it is a nuanced ballad of love and horror juxtaposed against one another, as you hunt down the ‘monster’ residing within Falkreath. What could pass as a generic, in-game quest to hunt down a monster turns out to employ an excellent psychological dimension as well, with a paucity of ‘quest markers’ leaving the quest feeling organic and natural, and the emotions which ensue to be just as raw as the tale itself.


This quest is exceptionally unintrusive, and proves to show how a great quest doesn’t need elaborate scripting or multiple dungeons to be engaging, just an intelligent coordination of notes and atmosphere. Definitely download this one, 9/10.