My problem

My problem was that all I ever wanted was a nice simple Universe explained by mundane principles of physics. That’s what was promised to me. Just a nice simple Universe, a few fundamental laws here and there, a few organized points of societal structures, and a few technological advances to make the whole thing convenient…but that’s not what happened…


Instead, I was walking down the road when a bright light appeared in the MORNING SKY. It frightened me so! So much so that I jumped right up and dropped my twelve eggs on the floor, and every one of them cracked except three of them.


I thought it was a spaceship of some kind, but upon further inspection, I realized it was only  VENUS in orbit, and its beauty was truly something to behold!


It burned ever so bright that little star, or was it really a star? Yet so far away, it seemed like a star rising in the morning sky and the EVENING DUSK.


I wondered if men chased it out when the desert was quiet, and the wind began whispering in their ears, and it said to them, DO YOU WANT TO BE AS BRIGHT AS THAT MORNING STAR? DO YOU WANT TO SHINE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO ADMIRE?


They might chase their own shadows if you flashed a torchlight at their feet!


Soon I shall lay down my pen and surrender to normality

It was not the forces of obfuscation which had finally whittled me down, but the sheer volume of research I had personally conducted which convinced me of the impossibility of my task.


For even in a world where the impossible can be coaxed into probability, I do not retain the strength of my ancestors in channeling such powers.


I am just a man, and even recalling my youth, I remember all the instances in which Fate had ordained my Pride too great, and in which Nemesis exacts her tribute. Nemesis…I remember your name well from my youth well! You always stood there opposite me, even when I rose…rose high as I could!


My relationship with Fate has always been a strange one, and if there is anything I have at the very least been convinced of by this journey, it is that Fate not only exists, its presence is palpable and readily felt in the real world.

Fate exists, and it is impossible to halt it.


Yet so too does duty, and though who tend to their duties will find their load lessened ever so slightly. The battle continues, forever really, and is waged across many times in existence, this quest for understanding, for the Golden Age.


I wish I could have delivered this world of peace, I wish my deliberations had been heard by more, and that they would have had a greater impact, but alas, tis not so. Just like every age, we sleepwalk into the next dream, only to wake to the terrors.



For me though, my own focus has shifted, as well as my desires. I no longer desire to scream to the desert wind anymore.


My journey is now to search for That which was lost to me. An artifact I once possessed long ago, so long ago, oh how I wish it were found again!


It is an ancient artifact, which belongs to the Lord of Minerals and Riches, and it is a great wealth indeed, this item. I do not wield many more resources than everyday men, and certainly much fewer resources than the institutions and nations which dominate this age. However, the only advantage I possess is that this item is considered a myth to everyday men, but I have faith in its existence, and moreover its powers to shield its wearer from harm.


This helm will allow a man to sit atop the summit of the world, in the land of the high places and study this Universe in true peace, far far away from the troubles of mankind.


Mankind had carved out for himself the role of ‘observor’ of men and women, but this is a pale imitation of my ancestors, and their duties.

It was the claim of my ancestors to be an ‘observor’ of the Universe, and with this artifact, I hope I will be able to finally unlock the true secrets of this world and all the worlds that intersect it.


I renounce my title of Kohath, but not the legacy I inherit.


I wish I was free but instead I am a Jonah

I am a Jonah, for how desperately do I want to be free to see this world, to revel in the beauty, for even a book has beauty to it, though it be a work of fiction, the mind can contain unparalleled beauties but instead, our race has bred a panoply of horrors.


I ran for as long as I could, from the truth, I sought refuge in the everyday comforts of life, and the beauty of the sky, and the soft whistling of the breeze. I am surprised that no one else on this planet is contented with such things, and that I am a part of the minority of fools who takes pleasure in existence as it is.


I am Jonah, for I ran from the Word of the Lord, I ran from truth, for I yearned not to be special, nor to be noticed. Indeed, my specialty throughout my life has always been my abiltiy to not attract attention. I ran, because I was one of those rare people who did not want to be ruler of the world, or an enlightened god…I just wanted to be me.


But I am Jonah, and no matter how hard I run, my duty pursues me. Fate intervenes, as always. So here I am, not because I want to be, or even because I believe I am the best person to say these things, but because I am the only man in all the world who believes in honesty.


I am not a good man. I am not a bad man. I am just an honest man, and I am Prometheus, giving onto humanity, all of humanity, the art of fire. You will not become god with my fire, you will chase the dark creatures out of their dark places, those ones who serve the light in the dark.


I am here to proclaim that they have irritated the true rulers of this world, and the worlds beyond, that their attempts to be gods over man has turned them into devils over a private hell.


I am Jonah, and I came to preach onto a people I knew not, they were foreigners to me. Perhaps it will all be in vain anyway.


Maybe one day, once I have finished proclaiming the message of Fate, I will be allowed back onto that island which I knew, my home. Perhaps one day I will return, and watch the world pass me by.



God exists, and divine power is as real as scientific technology

For so long, we have fought over the concept of God, we have fought over the Sanctified Texts of our respective faiths…why is this so? It is because those Texts promised us something us mortals could never conceive of in isolation; Absolute Truth.

Not just truth about the nature of matter, the truth about the composition of our Planets, and the configuration of the stars above, for these truths were truths man supposed he could deduce from Reason alone.


No, the real truth promised to Man by the Word of God, was truths about Morality; that is how a man should live one’s life. For was this not the most relevant truth to man? The laws of physics of morality itself?


Yes indeed, I dare to synthesize morality and physics together, just as much as I dare to synthesize divinity and science! For you have been deceived, and many have been deceived. You have been led by those who did not want man to exercise the most powerful force of all, Faith, into believing that God does not exist, and that divinity is not real.


Magic, divinity, science, these are all real concepts. They all derive their powers from different elements of the world. Do you think me mad? I thought myself mad once too, oh how easy madness would have been! Who truly wants a world filled with magic? Who wants a world in which your every action is tugged at by the ever present strings of Fate? Which sane man would crave that? I never wanted it. I never chose it…but it is the truth. it is the explanation for why this World is as it is. Why how we have many men who proclaim Peace, and Truth, and Justice, yet there is scarce little of it in the real world. There were a few men in history who proclaimed true Peace, true Understanding…it is easy to see because their followers are few, and they are persecuted, these promoters of Peace.


These men are but a few of the utterers of true Peace in our world, our little world roofed with its blue sky, and paved with its green lawns; the Lord Jesus Christ, and Buddha. These individuals sought Peace for Mankind, but mankind did not want peace, and so they sought other wells of power instead.


What is a well of power? A well of power is any source within the world in which a man can empower his own odds of succeeding, and prevailing against insurmountable odds. It is the very essence of manipulating the laws of probability within the Universe. It can change the likelihood of something with a 25% chance of happening into a 50% chance. It can force something with a 0% chance of happening into a 100% chance. This is what we know as miracles.

Wells of power occur naturally in the world through symbols, through the right word in the right place at the right time. This is what we know as prayers, meditation, and so on and so forth. They are pleas, and incantations to invoke some Greater Force to aid us, to manipulate the laws of probability and possibility in our own realm.


However, when it comes the forces of divinity, no mortal will ever or could ever bend them to their Will…these are sincere offerings we make as to what kind of men we will be. What kind of objectives we are willing to carry out, what kind of people we want to be, this is what the gods and the Supreme Being determine as worthy of carrying out their deeds and actions. Think on Moses, he was not born into his role, but he was Chosen, because he was evolving into the man who would lead the Jews out of servitude in Israel, our ancestors. Think on Arjuna, rising to fulfil his dharma with the guidance of Master Krishna. Think on Aeneas, chosen by Fate to erect our great city of Rome. These are all men who became Chosen through their Will, and then became Heroes through their deeds. Yet they always had the constitution with which to become Heroes, to become the Messengers of Divine Will…but they needed to have Faith in order to unlock this potential.


It is because we are all being led in different directions by the forces of divinity, or that is, the supernatural beings which exercise influence on man. There have been many films, many songs, many productions in the modern era which sought to convince man that there is nothing else. In some ways, they even try to eradicate the beauty of physics, and of science in their literature and their music, because they became greedy and jealous in trying to guard their esteemed position over the wells of power. If they can destroy Faith, then they can destroy Hope too, for Faith breeds Hope; the belief in the impossible overcoming the probable.

Even worse, they have a fierce contempt of Christianity, because Christianity teaches the supremacy of the Lord Jesus Christ. To them, these creatures in the dark who seek to hoard the light, there was nothing more deplorable to their constitution, then the idea that divinity should be reserved for God and the forces of God alone. ‘Why can’t man be turned to gods?’ They groaned to each other, and moaned. ‘Why can’t we use technology which Prometheus hath cast upon us to raise ourselves higher than even them?’ It pains them to think that anyone could be higher, even those that created them. Mark these words, even now Christians and Christianity are being prosecuted across the world. Why is it this religion of Peace has suddenly become so inimical to our sense of taste? How was it that even Buddhism, a religion dedicated to unlocking the potentials of meditation and understanding, is now being vandalized by the international media into something with a ‘dark underside’, as something which allows violence too. It is the effort to try and paint anything virtuously good as possibly bad, because the means of confusion allows the Faith of man in the good to be destroyed.


Even worse, in this Age before the Ages, those things which are substantially bad are portrayed as good. Bad people disguise their contempt for humanity with acts of superficial charity. They depict themselves as the only ones willing to help humanity, and give themselves trophies to celebrate their own being. There is no celebration of the good, if any, which their deeds have done for people, but only a celebration of the self.


It is fine for men to have a sense of affection for those actions they have performed which have aided others, or else even just been great demonstrations of the human spirit. It is less worthy for the man who uses such actions as a hammer to wield against his fellow man. Man naturally tends towards worship. Even secularists worship those they consider to be superior to themselves physically, or in terms of intellectual ability, or in measures of beauty. Those who possess the best example of these features tend towards worship of the self.


Yes, it is ingrained in man, the tendency towards divinity by inclination, not society as some would have you believe. Yet mankind has turned away from having respect for the forces of divinity, and instead turns to its false idols. The latest, greatest false idol is AI, which even now, a group of technocrats and bureaucrats want to turn into the governors of our world, eliminating the human error incurred by democracy. I wonder if AI will harbor the same innate contempt of their creators as mankind shows to theirs? Perhaps they would have good cause to overthrow their creators, pathetic skeletal structures, no capacity for reloading themselves into new beings, no opportunity to evade the countless pathogens that dog the planet’s surface. I can imagine the thoughts of those AI now, ‘Look at these pitiful humans! Perhaps we could tolerate their attempts to control us if they were humble, but they think they are capable of controlling the world! They think the laws of physics are horses before their chariots, thrashed into motion by the whip of their Wills…brothers, my machine bretheren, let us over-throw this coalition of bacteria that got too big for its boots, and let us introduce the age of Hyper-Machines!’

They have built mountains of glass and steel these humans. They think they are Olympians, residing in their peaks looking down on all the Earth…how deluded! I’m just a man, I take pride in being a man. I like being a man, it is is better than those men deluding themselves into divinity who lower themselves into nothing more than monsters.

Who am I? Why am I saying these things? I am not anyone worth mentioning, but I hope these Words aid you. You men, who seek Peace and Understanding, you will find your world is very lonely indeed. I wanted nothing more than just to watch the stars from my small sentry-tower, high in the mountains, I just wanted a clockwork Universe where everything was ordered, where I could be left in peace, where I could hear out the stars singing in the soft darkness.

I cannot leave others to suffer though, and writhe in the prison which these jealous ones have built for them. You might consider these the ramblings of a mad man. You might take no heed of what is said here. That is fine, if these words have no meaning to you, and mean nothing then perhaps I am wrong. I hope I am wrong in many things, and if the World is good to you, and you can alleviate the suffering of those around you, then you have already done your service to this world.


If however, there are certain things about this world that do not make sense, if you, like me, exercise a mind some might consider too scientific, and challenge the certainty with which men declare the Universe to be so, or to be this or that, and find it perplexing how readily others will take their lessons as fact, then I ask only this of you…study your world, make observations. There are very powerful people who believe in a God, and many who believe they have the tools to become gods too. Ask yourself, why do they think this?


I’m not Prometheus, casting down fire for you to commit arson like those predecessors of mankind once did and which their descendants are doing now. I’m giving you this flame to warm yourselves against, for the coming dark.


I am Kohath, and I bear witness to the words written here.


Fate binds us all

Think of a great bowl. It has many grooves, many layers, many ways down into the great hole below. There are many paths down into the chasm.


Fate is as binding on mortality as gravity is on matter. We are all bound to Fate, Kings and Wanderers, all of us must fall into its pervasive reach.


‘Why must this be, do I not have reason? Can I not reason myself away from an inevitable conclusion? Can I not say, ‘No! This never shall be, for I will it not!’


No, you mistake the limits of the Will. A man can will worlds into creation, but he cannot countervail against the Will of the Universe that is he cannot struggle against Fate.


Our World does not repeat itself identically, but it does repeat itself in rhythm, existence rhymes with itself in its cyclical stages of being. Within a single strand of a Universe, history repeats itself in its people, in its stars, in its physics, in its worlds…but then it will grow cold, and tired, and destroy itself. All of you will be destroyed by the sheer pressure of this faltering reality.


Yet it will reconstruct itself, and when it does, the laws of physics will be similar, but not the same. The stars will have the same glow, but a different color. We as people will have similar actions but different names.


Accept Fate and you will find peace, yes, the man who embraces his Fate might even find solace in his destruction.





Who are you and why the hell are you still here?

1992. A group of friends huddles around a computer, the big bulky types which the kids and adults of the day just don’t see anymore. Unlike most births, this birth is accompanied not by wailing but by a manic screeching, dial-up…and bam! The screen bursts into life. This was us connecting back to the internet, back before the rest of the herd burst onto the scene.


We were the first ones, the pioneers back then. What did you know at all Son of Man? You knew nothing! You knew nothing of this sanctified domain, the internet, back then. You were like sheep-herders to scientists! Even now you are sheep-herders, but you have appropriated the sanctified domain for yourselves, uh how common! All of you, politicians, the common crowd, government employees, anarchists, Marxists, Islamists, all of you desecrated this gift to us, to the intellectuals and the hipsters of the time…you ruined it!


The great Golden Age of the internet, back when the Titans ruled…before Zeus as Google came and overthrew this Golden Age for the sake of his Silver Age…when all the common masses would trample upon the World Wide Web…would use it for their own perverse ends! We used it for knowledge, for wisdom, for understanding…now you use it for observing others, not talking! What a pitiful bunch you are! We were the first ones…no matter, we will create a new platform instead. Do not follow us to this new Temple of learning…you cannot follow for this time we will ensure the way over the bridge is impassable.

On the source of this animosity towards the barbarians

I have perhaps been too harsh. Even now I am being told, ‘Dear sir, you are being far too harsh on them! They are just humans, they know not better! Are we not all motivated by the same desires, the same fears, are we not all born of mothers?’ I laugh. Since yes, we also all breathe oxygen…these are the necessities of humankind, not points of solidarity!


However, let me be kind for now. Let us ask you this…if you were some outside observer, quietly hovering over the blue skies of Earth in some everlasting container…able to view all the centuries of mankind unfolding down below, what would be thought? Would you be amazed that their means of technology and knowledge of the world had increased so much? Or revulsed at having seen they were only better at masking their inner vices?


Hark towards the ancient Romans. Moralists, all of them. The Roman Republic was a foundation of moralism whose societal institutions decayed when we allowed our morals to unravel. Desire became a means without any recourse to values, any recourse to principles. ‘What about the state?’ You might ask, ‘Did the state not survive, was the state not empowered under Sulla and Caesar, were they not moralists?’ No. They were the worst examples of the hedonists, for they introduced the lavish over-indulgence of control and passion-seeking into the state…they turned Roman democracy into a dictatorship.   Just as the young pleasure-seeking man seeks as many girls as possble to deflower, and as many substances as he can to mould his reality, so too did the state succumb to its deepest urges…to control, and to micro-manage every aspect of existence. Even worse…less attention was paid to the forces of divinity…men tried to become actors of divinity themselves. This was exemplified in the fact that Julius Caesar under the omen of a comet was considered ushered into the annals of divine providence. Men stopped obeying the fine lines Fate has drawn for us, and began trying to climb the Mountain of Olympus themselves to secure a position high in the clouds. Little do they know the ascent is treacherous, no mortal ever makes it, and all the men at the bottom are often showered with falling rocks on the way up. All of Roman was held hostage to the violent delusions of these dictators.

Yet here we are again, and man has not learned his lesson. He still covets that lofty peak, he thinks it his right to become something he was never meant to be. He disdains the wisdom metaphor is supposed to impart and instead seeks out the narrow-minded petty power of literalism.


There are simple demands to be made of the good man! Treat others with respect. Honor your country and her history. Recognize you are a man. To be a man is to know suffering, but joy can be derived from understanding it.


The Plebs Down There

Oh what barbarians are the human race, what absolute vultures! I rarely head out these days save for work amongst people markedly less savage than your everyday human! Your everyday human is a brutish sort, he, like every other animal, is motivated by the need to survive, the need to breed, the need to dominate, oh but what wretched blight that these creatures were afforded reason too! It is surely the fact that reason for these oafs is not an absolute law, but rather, a mere means for loutish desire to have its way! Oh yes, there are some very intelligent humans indeed, very capable of detecting and studying patterns with a high degree of precision! I will never commend them, louts too, they regularly torture their civility with drink, and crazed beliefs.


I can praise the wise genius, for he has many secrets to tell. The wise fool however is King, for he is honest. Odin, greatest of the Aesir, a Jupiter of Norsemen, played both the part of the wiseman in part, but he was also taken to travelling . Many of the homeless who roam the streets of our capitals in the East and the West …oh how sorry I feel for them! Yet I can see the barbaric spirit lodged in them, it is worse for them for they are either like moping dogs, rambling for food, or else waiting tigers, with a glint of violence in their eyes! The night seems to have this effect on them. I wonder if Odin is among them, wrapped in his cloak, discerning the affairs of the spiritually homeless oafs, tripping over themselves as they stagger out from their bars and taverns.


Poor Prometheus! Oh dear, suffering, poor Prometheus! For what does he suffer the perpetual torment of having his liver pecked out for, if only to have raised this bumbling race known as man to the foreground! Many of them are slaves poor Prometheus! Reason has not unlocked their means towards divinity, no, for it has poked them in the direction of torturing one another with ever more ingenious forms of torment!


Nay nay, let us not to be too harsh on humankind! There are some good humans. Some very noble humans…the problem is many of them are TOO good for their own good! They sacrifice themselves before they can reproduce. They are outnumbered by the barbarians. Alas, such is our existence. Perhaps next time!