My problem

My problem was that all I ever wanted was a nice simple Universe explained by mundane principles of physics. That’s what was promised to me. Just a nice simple Universe, a few fundamental laws here and there, a few organized points of societal structures, and a few technological advances to make the whole thing convenient…but that’s not what happened…


Instead, I was walking down the road when a bright light appeared in the MORNING SKY. It frightened me so! So much so that I jumped right up and dropped my twelve eggs on the floor, and every one of them cracked except three of them.


I thought it was a spaceship of some kind, but upon further inspection, I realized it was only  VENUS in orbit, and its beauty was truly something to behold!


It burned ever so bright that little star, or was it really a star? Yet so far away, it seemed like a star rising in the morning sky and the EVENING DUSK.


I wondered if men chased it out when the desert was quiet, and the wind began whispering in their ears, and it said to them, DO YOU WANT TO BE AS BRIGHT AS THAT MORNING STAR? DO YOU WANT TO SHINE FOR ALL THE WORLD TO ADMIRE?


They might chase their own shadows if you flashed a torchlight at their feet!

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