On myths and fables

If you want to understand the motivations of humanity, and the reason for all events that have transpired in history which are of note, you must turn to mythology and fables to fully understand them.


For it is in myth that the imagination of man takes flight, and through his stories that mankind not only reveals his fears, anxieties and thoughts, but also his desires and dreams, and what he ultimately aspires to be.

For if a man were not to live the life he wanted, he would invent it.


And if a race were not inhabiting a world they did not desire, they would create it.


And if a world was not ordered in a manner which was conceived as good…



On symbols and their importance in the New Age of Millennials.

‘…for it was not only that symbols communicate meanings which the developing age of teenagers absorb on the sub-conscious level, that it is something which speaks to them in silence, but also that symbols themselves operate in the visual level, and can be reinforced by the new, innovative technologies produced for the modern age.


Indeed, symbols themselves can bring about different outcomes, instances and consequences. Not solely by virtue of their appeal to others, but in on themselves, as wells of power.


It is the duty of each individual in this race we call humanity to actively equip themselves with the tools of symbols, the understand their history and their future, and to maintan the ability to guard against symbols.


…for symbols are bandied around with only a means to control them rather than a point of reverence. Symbols are the contours of nature’s majesty refracted through the prism of human imagination, and they have been debased by those who understand them not.


Look to the heavens on a starlit eve to interpret our message! Search the clouds and you will see what They cannot see…we are the observors, and we are here to save you from Their Pride!’




Who are you and why the hell are you still here?

1992. A group of friends huddles around a computer, the big bulky types which the kids and adults of the day just don’t see anymore. Unlike most births, this birth is accompanied not by wailing but by a manic screeching, dial-up…and bam! The screen bursts into life. This was us connecting back to the internet, back before the rest of the herd burst onto the scene.


We were the first ones, the pioneers back then. What did you know at all Son of Man? You knew nothing! You knew nothing of this sanctified domain, the internet, back then. You were like sheep-herders to scientists! Even now you are sheep-herders, but you have appropriated the sanctified domain for yourselves, uh how common! All of you, politicians, the common crowd, government employees, anarchists, Marxists, Islamists, all of you desecrated this gift to us, to the intellectuals and the hipsters of the time…you ruined it!


The great Golden Age of the internet, back when the Titans ruled…before Zeus as Google came and overthrew this Golden Age for the sake of his Silver Age…when all the common masses would trample upon the World Wide Web…would use it for their own perverse ends! We used it for knowledge, for wisdom, for understanding…now you use it for observing others, not talking! What a pitiful bunch you are! We were the first ones…no matter, we will create a new platform instead. Do not follow us to this new Temple of learning…you cannot follow for this time we will ensure the way over the bridge is impassable.

Is’t it strange…

…how Chinese and Indian immigrants in the US never commit any violent crimes? Is there some kind of reason for this, because obviously it’s not like China and India don’t have crimes in their mainland. Is it because of some kind of Eastern philosophy which means they do not engage in crimes?

Skyrim mod reviews-‘It Beats for Her’

It Beats for Her-Veliremus


Skyrim modss

The gentle village life masks a sinister secret.


This is a very short story, but exceptionally elegant and refined in its brevity. This mod lasts no more than 15 minutes, and uses very few in game assets, relying alot on notes, well placed props, and heavy use of atmosphere, it is a nuanced ballad of love and horror juxtaposed against one another, as you hunt down the ‘monster’ residing within Falkreath. What could pass as a generic, in-game quest to hunt down a monster turns out to employ an excellent psychological dimension as well, with a paucity of ‘quest markers’ leaving the quest feeling organic and natural, and the emotions which ensue to be just as raw as the tale itself.


This quest is exceptionally unintrusive, and proves to show how a great quest doesn’t need elaborate scripting or multiple dungeons to be engaging, just an intelligent coordination of notes and atmosphere. Definitely download this one, 9/10.

Heisenberg was responsible for the death of over 167 people…

…if you think about it carefully. 


The sheer insanity of Heisenberg was that he killed few people directly, instead, causing scores of casualties by either ordering people to be murdered or endangering others with his reckless actions


We know that Heisenberg was most destructive when he was acting in a reckless manner rather than merely an evil manner. In this sense, his reckless desire to keep his money sees one of his most beloved murdered, not by his orders, but still, indirectly through his actions. It is then in this light that we realise…was Heisenberg responsible for the death of all the people on board Wayfarer 515 in Season 2? 



Watching someone die you can help is obviously a dick move…but does it make you RESPONSIBLE for the consequences?


 Heisenberg lets Jane die. It’s obvious that he can do something to help, anything in fact such as calling the paramedics to TRY and resuscitate her, even moving her into a better position…but he doesn’t, and that makes him indirectly responsible for her death. A person who wishes for some dictator on the other side of the world to die and then he gets killed by a mortar shell is not responsible for the death. He might enjoy the news,but he has not contributed in any way. In contrast, the person who sees a child drowning in a  shallow pond and refuses to help him, instead bending over and watching the child drown IS responsible, not merely because it is the ‘right thing’ to do(it could be a mass murderer, but that doesn’t eliminate our potential to prevent the death, and the omission is in a sense an ACTIVE form of conduct), but because he has actively withdrawn a very simple lifeline. 


 So, having established he DID in fact contribute to her death, poor Jane’s father is beyond distraught, and in his grief, neglects himself to fulfil his duties allow a plane to navigate safely, resulting in the deaths of 167 people in a fatal collision between the two airlines. Heisenberg could never have known that Jane’s father was in air control, heck, how could he even have really caused the destruction of the airline? It is because Heisenberg was RESPONSIBLE, for Jane’s death. IF NOT for Jane’s death, then Jane’s father would never  have been so distracted by grief. If a person goes on a  shooting spree having witnessed their family member die, is the murderer not in a way responsible for that psychological state? Breaking Bad is a show about reckless choices and disastrous consequences and this was one reckless(if not a calculated malicious choice) with the worst consequence possible.


Therefore, Heisenberg is responsible for not 1 murder, not 11 prison slayings, not even merely the death of a great friend, but the deaths of 167 people.  



That’s right, this guy is responsible for 167 deaths.

The Loch Ness Monster photos

I for one think the idea of the Loch Ness Monster would be awesome. In a world where the entire planet appears to have been colonized by the forces of globalization, wouldn’t the idea of some wholly free, remnant of mystery our ancestors enjoyed be a breath of fresh air?


Lamentably, the latest piece of ‘evidence’ multiple respected newspapers have picked up on as affirming the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is false, and merely a boat’s wake with the boat having been ‘ghosted’ out, a story you can find out more about here=> http://sploid.gizmodo.com/satellite-photo-show-giant-monster-like-biological-sha-1564884841

One comment user, DaveWood111  created a terribly brutal but realistic demonstration of this ‘ghosting’ out, and how the wake of a boat aligns perfectly with the supposed ‘flippers’ of the monster, the actual space where the boat should be thus turns into a supposedly flat head for the fantastical beast.



Many apologies to all those lovers of mythical beasts, maybe a year down the line, this will emerge as nothing more than a promotion stunt for the upcoming Godzilla movie, where it is rumored Godzilla does battle with a flying Loch Ness monster thing.

Afghanistan take 2

Oh yeah, this is definitely going to end well! No repeat of Afghanistan whatsoever, what with the overthrow of the dictator followed by the massive civil war between different factions and then the rise of an even bloodier dictator. Why on Earth does the US think it’s a good idea to bomb the heck out of Middle Eastern nations, and create legions of fighters who vow to take down American imperialism, and then when they see a short term opportunity to get rid of a cruel tyrant they dislike, arm those very same people with state of the art weapons and training? It’s like US foreign policy is based on the idea of creating as many heavily armed people as possible who are pissed off at the US in order to justify the existence of staggering military expenditure…