The most annoying ‘suggestions’ by professional critics that adorn almost every single article they write about a show or game which has a narrative they only half-agree with

It should have all just been a dream! Why didn’t they do it so that the evil villain is actually another effect of his multiple personality disorder!  For some reason, certain people seem to think these over-proposed well-worn tropes are ‘novel’ and ‘unique’ ideas which instantly introduce that necessary psychological dimension that turns good to great…IT DOESN’T:

i)Far Cry 3 doesn’t need Vaas to be Jason Brody to be good


‘Look, I’m pointing a gun at Brody, because I’m literally trying to kill off my merciful and clumsy side, LOL’

ii)Breaking Bad doesn’t need Heisenberg’s final episode to be ‘a dream’ to make sense and be gripping


‘If this all was really a dream, at the very least it would explain why I spent half of Season 1 without pants.’-WW

iii)the Mass Effect 3 ending doesn’t need to be a dream to create a coherent conclusion, because let’s face it, NOTHING WILL SAVE THAT ENDING…NOTHING.


The ending to ME 3 can be more accurately be described as a nightmare, and even in one’s wildest fantasies, one’s sub-conscious has to draw a line in the sand and say, ‘How the fuck does it make sense to stop organics building big ass reapers which will inevitably destroy them by using big ass reapers to destroy all organics?’

So please, anytime you see someone propose these two ‘solutions’ to any form of artistic medium, you should hope for these two possibilities to actually be happening:

i)this is all a dream designed to reflect greater themes of frustration plaguing your life

ii)your other personality is fabricating the article in your mind to torture you and further fragment your mind.

Dedicated to the marvellous critical abilities of Emily Nussbaum of ‘The New Yorker’, whose insight into what makes a good finale can be found here=>

Yours sincerely, MM