Machiavelli and the year of ‘comebacks’

A lot of movie franchises seem to have been revived over the past few years, like Total Recall, Robocop and even Judge Dredd. Perhaps a few rappers could follow the same trend in 2014? 


 Machiavelli, a political philosopher from Florence claims that faking one’s own death serves as a good way to escape a life of danger and violence…kind of like alot of gangsters on the street had to suffer, and kind of like Tupac himself had to endure.


Maybe 2014 is the year to watch out for, for it might just be the year of Tupac’s homecoming.



Tupac has become almost a legend on the streets. It is funny then that a lot of the rappers these days who probably represent the very things he hated are the ones who often invoke his name the most.