The Loch Ness Monster photos

I for one think the idea of the Loch Ness Monster would be awesome. In a world where the entire planet appears to have been colonized by the forces of globalization, wouldn’t the idea of some wholly free, remnant of mystery our ancestors enjoyed be a breath of fresh air?


Lamentably, the latest piece of ‘evidence’ multiple respected newspapers have picked up on as affirming the existence of the Loch Ness Monster is false, and merely a boat’s wake with the boat having been ‘ghosted’ out, a story you can find out more about here=>

One comment user, DaveWood111  created a terribly brutal but realistic demonstration of this ‘ghosting’ out, and how the wake of a boat aligns perfectly with the supposed ‘flippers’ of the monster, the actual space where the boat should be thus turns into a supposedly flat head for the fantastical beast.



Many apologies to all those lovers of mythical beasts, maybe a year down the line, this will emerge as nothing more than a promotion stunt for the upcoming Godzilla movie, where it is rumored Godzilla does battle with a flying Loch Ness monster thing.