Who are you and why the hell are you still here?

1992. A group of friends huddles around a computer, the big bulky types which the kids and adults of the day just don’t see anymore. Unlike most births, this birth is accompanied not by wailing but by a manic screeching, dial-up…and bam! The screen bursts into life. This was us connecting back to the internet, back before the rest of the herd burst onto the scene.


We were the first ones, the pioneers back then. What did you know at all Son of Man? You knew nothing! You knew nothing of this sanctified domain, the internet, back then. You were like sheep-herders to scientists! Even now you are sheep-herders, but you have appropriated the sanctified domain for yourselves, uh how common! All of you, politicians, the common crowd, government employees, anarchists, Marxists, Islamists, all of you desecrated this gift to us, to the intellectuals and the hipsters of the time…you ruined it!


The great Golden Age of the internet, back when the Titans ruled…before Zeus as Google came and overthrew this Golden Age for the sake of his Silver Age…when all the common masses would trample upon the World Wide Web…would use it for their own perverse ends! We used it for knowledge, for wisdom, for understanding…now you use it for observing others, not talking! What a pitiful bunch you are! We were the first ones…no matter, we will create a new platform instead. Do not follow us to this new Temple of learning…you cannot follow for this time we will ensure the way over the bridge is impassable.


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