To what will they aspire?

It was said many times that our age is full of vice, but it is not those who freely admit their debauchery we must fear, but rather those who disguise their vices under the mask of virtue, for such men indulge all the more freely in their vices, thinking themselves entitled to it for their good acts.


The greatest horror to us ones who have had to revisit this built up race, this race which rises and falls, then rises higher and falls slightly more, then rises further and falls a little bit more, is to see how as one part of the race excels in technology and the gifts of compassion and understanding, others seek only knowledge and control. Control is the worst of all vices, for control is not even power exercised in service of the strength of the individuals it influences, but rather, the mere boast of being able to influence a man for the psychological gratification of another.


A wise man with knowledge is the greatest individual in the Universe. He naturally inclines to service humanity, not for the sake of self-reward but in the belief that to expand the intellectual wealth of his race is a worthy feat indeed. A knowledgeable man without wisdom is the greatest threat to all of existence, for he is like a child with a tank, not knowing for what purposes such a device should be used but still with the power to cause great suffering and hardship for no real reason at all.


To us, it was with a mixture of absurd entertainment and abhorrent horror to see the quagmire into which mankind currently stumbles. This idea at present of trying to coax the power of divinity out of the heavens and for the race of stumbling fools is not only morally repulsive; it is a ludicrous proposition. Divinity is reserved only for those whom preside above, there is nothing a man can do to usher himself into the realm of infallibility in this mortal plane, and it is the belief of so many, bored with the endless debaucheries the terrestrial senses can offer them that they play at being gods…but what sort of gods one might ask?


Not even Homer could scribe so farcical a production of Olympus! These ‘gods’ who demand that entire migrations from one continent to another can be maintained and that their tremendous foresight allows them to see such things will be done in an easy and polite manner. These ‘gods’ who constantly ask us to dedicate to them more and more power, to see, to observe, to control all within their small remit of sovereignty…


The worst tragedy ever to befall man was not the great thinkers of our day such as Einstein, Da Vinci and Socrates who were wise men who gifted mankind with tremendous volumes of knowledge, but that such men, so incredibly gifted with intellectual power and astounding compassion, should allow their technologies to fall into primitive barbarians, power-hungry control freaks unable to stop even the most basic of natural or artificial disasters and men thinking they have the right to wield such power when they lack even the competency.

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