The Plebs Down There

Oh what barbarians are the human race, what absolute vultures! I rarely head out these days save for work amongst people markedly less savage than your everyday human! Your everyday human is a brutish sort, he, like every other animal, is motivated by the need to survive, the need to breed, the need to dominate, oh but what wretched blight that these creatures were afforded reason too! It is surely the fact that reason for these oafs is not an absolute law, but rather, a mere means for loutish desire to have its way! Oh yes, there are some very intelligent humans indeed, very capable of detecting and studying patterns with a high degree of precision! I will never commend them, louts too, they regularly torture their civility with drink, and crazed beliefs.


I can praise the wise genius, for he has many secrets to tell. The wise fool however is King, for he is honest. Odin, greatest of the Aesir, a Jupiter of Norsemen, played both the part of the wiseman in part, but he was also taken to travelling . Many of the homeless who roam the streets of our capitals in the East and the West …oh how sorry I feel for them! Yet I can see the barbaric spirit lodged in them, it is worse for them for they are either like moping dogs, rambling for food, or else waiting tigers, with a glint of violence in their eyes! The night seems to have this effect on them. I wonder if Odin is among them, wrapped in his cloak, discerning the affairs of the spiritually homeless oafs, tripping over themselves as they stagger out from their bars and taverns.


Poor Prometheus! Oh dear, suffering, poor Prometheus! For what does he suffer the perpetual torment of having his liver pecked out for, if only to have raised this bumbling race known as man to the foreground! Many of them are slaves poor Prometheus! Reason has not unlocked their means towards divinity, no, for it has poked them in the direction of torturing one another with ever more ingenious forms of torment!


Nay nay, let us not to be too harsh on humankind! There are some good humans. Some very noble humans…the problem is many of them are TOO good for their own good! They sacrifice themselves before they can reproduce. They are outnumbered by the barbarians. Alas, such is our existence. Perhaps next time!


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