On the source of this animosity towards the barbarians

I have perhaps been too harsh. Even now I am being told, ‘Dear sir, you are being far too harsh on them! They are just humans, they know not better! Are we not all motivated by the same desires, the same fears, are we not all born of mothers?’ I laugh. Since yes, we also all breathe oxygen…these are the necessities of humankind, not points of solidarity!


However, let me be kind for now. Let us ask you this…if you were some outside observer, quietly hovering over the blue skies of Earth in some everlasting container…able to view all the centuries of mankind unfolding down below, what would be thought? Would you be amazed that their means of technology and knowledge of the world had increased so much? Or revulsed at having seen they were only better at masking their inner vices?


Hark towards the ancient Romans. Moralists, all of them. The Roman Republic was a foundation of moralism whose societal institutions decayed when we allowed our morals to unravel. Desire became a means without any recourse to values, any recourse to principles. ‘What about the state?’ You might ask, ‘Did the state not survive, was the state not empowered under Sulla and Caesar, were they not moralists?’ No. They were the worst examples of the hedonists, for they introduced the lavish over-indulgence of control and passion-seeking into the state…they turned Roman democracy into a dictatorship.   Just as the young pleasure-seeking man seeks as many girls as possble to deflower, and as many substances as he can to mould his reality, so too did the state succumb to its deepest urges…to control, and to micro-manage every aspect of existence. Even worse…less attention was paid to the forces of divinity…men tried to become actors of divinity themselves. This was exemplified in the fact that Julius Caesar under the omen of a comet was considered ushered into the annals of divine providence. Men stopped obeying the fine lines Fate has drawn for us, and began trying to climb the Mountain of Olympus themselves to secure a position high in the clouds. Little do they know the ascent is treacherous, no mortal ever makes it, and all the men at the bottom are often showered with falling rocks on the way up. All of Roman was held hostage to the violent delusions of these dictators.

Yet here we are again, and man has not learned his lesson. He still covets that lofty peak, he thinks it his right to become something he was never meant to be. He disdains the wisdom metaphor is supposed to impart and instead seeks out the narrow-minded petty power of literalism.


There are simple demands to be made of the good man! Treat others with respect. Honor your country and her history. Recognize you are a man. To be a man is to know suffering, but joy can be derived from understanding it.



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