Initiation rites

Isn’t it strange how we live in a world where what was once a private and personal journey of thought, ideas and opinions has suddenly been cast out into the winds of the internet and scattered to all four corners of the globe, for all who are willing to listen in? To cite it as a revolution misses the point entirely that the process of destruction and reformation that defines a revolution has already come and gone, what we live in is the aftermath of the whirlwind, the new world where we are privy to the secrets of others which were once held close to one’s chest, can respond and have ‘conversations’ with men we have never seen, whose voice we have never heard and ultimately communicate with an entire world.


 Truly though, whilst I marvel at this, I am not so much a settler in this domain as I am a nomad, a traveller who is wandering here to commit a few words about a few things I love very much…and perhaps even at times, things that I despise so much as to move me as well to take up the almighty weapon of the 21st century, the keyboard(that was a joke, a gun is always infinitely more effective as a weapon than a keyboard).

Yours sincerely, MasterMachiavel


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